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What is this?

Suggest-o-Matic is a keyword research tool for SEO's or PPC professionals who need keyword suggestions for their campaigns.

Using our free keyword suggestion tool you can look up related keywords to your search terms.

How does it work?

Suggest-o-Matic fires off automated keyword requests to Google, Bing, Amazon and others and asks them for related search terms and auto-suggest responses that other users have typed in before. This way you can be sure that you are getting genuine search terms real users are searching for.

Simply fill in your desired keywords and we go off and find all the related searches we can.

Wildcard (*) Searches

Use a wildcard in your seed terms to inform Google that you want all matches, for example the term "* houses" would return results for "london houses", "luxury houses", "buying houses" etc.

Only Google search engines support this wildcard search presently.

SEO Keyword Research

This is a perfect tool for seo keyword research because it uses real searched for data from our search engine suppliers. The data returned is guaranteed to have been search for by a large number of users.

Long-tail keywords

Finding effective long-tail keywords is the holy grail of SEO, use wildcard matches to search for long tail terms to focus with your SEO campaigns.

Can I use this free tool for PPC and Adwords research?

Suggest-o-matic is great for finding highly searched for exact match phrases. You can then refine what you find to look for negative keywords.

Negative phrase research

Researching negative keywords is an important part of building an Adwords campaign, you can use the keyword suggestions found to find bad keywords that you may want to add in to your campaigns as negative terms to avoid wasting budget before you have even started.